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5-Star Rating & Review
Fabulous product. It looked so much like flowers! Absolutely beautiful and would recommend. 

08/05/18 - Item Purchased: Beautiful Baby Bouquet for a Boy

Email Received
I have had my bouquet delivered today, thank you again for your swift response to my query and being kind enough to exchange the product. It's a beautiful gift and no doubt my friend will be delighted to receive it as a gift. Thank you for your prompt and high-quality service and I wish you all the very best with your business! Kindest regards,

30/04/18 - Item Purchased: Beautiful Baby Bouquet for a Boy

5-Star Rating & Review
   Excellent service! Dealt with my query with a high level of customer service and was very satisfied with the bouquet, lovely gift packaging and very quick delivery. I would recommend this gift for newborns

28/04/18 - Item Purchased: Beautiful Baby Bouquet for a Boy

5-Star Rating


5-Star Rating & Review
I would like to mention how impressed I am with your service and the presentation of my gift basket. I purchased this to give to my sister and I cannot describe how happy I was when it arrived. It arrived promptly and was really protectively boxed, thank you too for wrapping it so prettily, an added touch that I had not expected, you went beyond my expectations and I will definitely be purchasing from you again. I would rate more than 5 stars if I could!

04/04/18 - Item Purchased: Beautiful Gift Basket - with Soap & Glory

5-Star Rating


5-Star Rating 
These are beautiful products and the customer service is excellent. x


5-Star Rating & Review
Beautiful gift, they thoroughly loved it, really unusual and I was so pleased with it.

28/03/18 - Item Purchased:  Beautiful Baby Clothes Bouquet for a Boy

5-Star Rating & Review
My lady loved them as she is a baker!

09/03/18 - Item purchased:  Women's 'Cozy Popcorn Sock' Cupcakes, Pink Gift Box.

5-Star Rating


5-star Rating & Review 

Excellent service, great communication! Thank you soooo much!xx

03/03/18 - Item Purchased: Womens Sock Cupcake Gift, Box A

Email Received
Amazing service and product!!! Amazing service!!! Super-fast delivery and arrived earlier than expected. The recipient of the gift was so pleased and it arrived just as expected and described in the pictures. The seller was in contact with me a couple of times to confirm the order and keep me updated on when it had been despatched etc. Overall a very easy purchase and would definitely recommend. Thank you!!

28/02/18 - Item Purchased: Beautiful Baby Bouquet for a Boy

5-Star Rating & Review  
Very well presented and gift wrapped speedy delivery. The gift was very much lovedThank you, overall good service from start to finish.

20/02/18 - Item purchased: Women's Sock Cupcakes, Gift Box B

5-Star Rating & Review
Absolutley stunning basket its a must to buy from this seller.

08/02/17 - Item Purchased: Luxury Baby Gift Basket for a Boy.

Email Received
All received and she lurves it - job well done. ✅ xxx

25/01/18 - Item purchased: Cute Babies Gift Basket - Blue

5-Star Rating & Review
Beautiful sock cupcakes with great communication and arrived quickly.
Will recommend to everyone looking for a unique gift.

21/01/18 - Item purchased: Women's Sock Cupcakes, Gift Box B

5-Star Rating & Review
Extremely helpful administrator assisted me in the delivery of the parcel. She told me precisely when it would arrive. Very impressed.

15/01/18 - Item purchased: Women's Sock Cupcakes, Gift Box.

5-Star Rating  & Review
Great item, great seller! A perfect, fun gift for pretty much anyone (there's even men's socks available... Father's Day perhaps?!) This was a gift for a friend & I received a photo of the item before it was sent, a small gesture that was truly appreciated & the package looked beautiful.  Gifts don't always feel personal but this one did. I would definitely recommend and will buy again!

11/01/18  Item purchased: Women's 'Cozy Popcorn Sock' Cupcakes, Pink Gift Box.

5-Star Rating

10/01/18 - Item Purchased: Beautiful Baby Clothes Bouquet for a Boy or Girl 

Email Received 
I have been meaning to respond and thank you for the follow-up email you sent me with a picture of the gift-wrapped sock cupcakes. Not only did the package and card look beautiful, but I live in the US and am sending this to a very good friend in the UK and won't get to see the gift myself,  so I am so grateful for the opportunity to get a sneak peek of her gift before it arrives. You went above and beyond any seller I have ever purchased from before, and I truly appreciate it. I am already planning to purchase again for some birthdays later in the year :-)  Thank you

08/01/18 - Item Purchased: Women's 'Cozy Popcorn Sock' Cupcakes - Pink Gift box

5-Star Rating & Review
Hi, Very, very good service indeed. I would highly most definitely recommend to friends and family. This bouquet arrived on time. It came wrapped up beautifully. With a lovely little blue bow. And a big gift bag to put your bouquet in. The items within the bouquet were lovely. My friend adored this baby bouquet. I will definitely be using these again in the future :)

03/01/18 - Item Purchased: Beautiful Baby Bouquet for a girl


5-Star Rating & Review 
Great quality novelty gift, packaged beautifully and included a selection of gift tags to cater for different occasions. Recommended, five stars!!

03/01/18 - Item Purchased: Women's 'Cozy popcorn Sock' Cupcakes, Pink Gift box

5-Star Rating & Review
Thanks Alison! Quick response and delivery in time for Christmas. Great prezzy :-)

03/01/18 - Item Purchased: Women's Sock Cupcakes, Gift Box A


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